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  • Madara Cosmetics Bio-Active Deodrant

Madara Cosmetics Bio-Active Deodrant

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What it is
Madara Bio Active Deodorant is an aluminium-free deodorant with a powerful odour controlling BIO blend of Palm Rose Essential Oil and plant extracts, providing all day freshness and floral protection. Absorbs quickly, leaves no stains.

Key Ingredients
- Extracts of salvia, calendula, peppermint, chamomile in combination with the essential oil of palmarosa is efficient at reducing the reproduction of microbes, thus minimising the secretory performance of sweat glands. At the same time, this eliminates unpleasant odours, while improving the skin's barrier function and enhancing hydration

How to Use
Roll Madara Bio Active Deodorant on under arms after showering. This natural deodorant usage regime is similar to any other type of deodorant – once a day after shower or bath. However, if a person has an intense daily rhythm, the deodorant can be used repeatedly, preferably after additional washing of the skin.