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  • Argania Spinosa Argania 4 Product Cosmetic Bag

Argania Spinosa Argania 4 Product Cosmetic Bag


Argania Spinosa is the botanical name of the Argan Tree which grows exclusively in the South West corner of Morocco. 

For centuries the North African tribes harvested the Argan Tree for its amazing oil. In recent years the secret of the Argan fruit has been discovered by the rest of the world and we are beginning to fully appreciate why Argan Oil is such a valuable natural cosmetic product. 

In addition to being exceptionally rich in vitamin E moisturisers, Argan Oil also provides unusually high skin defence and repair properties, powerful antioxidants and highly effective natural hydrating benefits for skin and hair. 

Each product is enriched with Organic Argan Oil, a wonderful amber oil that is now gaining a global reputation and is widely referred to as nature´s ´Liquid Gold´. 

  • Made in the UK

Each set includes: 

Argania Spinosa Supreme Cream Shampoo 300ml

Argania Spinosa Supreme Cream Conditioner 300ml 

Argania Spinosa Professional Heat Styler 200ml

Argania Spinosa Treatment Oil 100ml