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  • bellapierre Cosmetics Complete Nail Care System
  • bellapierre Cosmetics Complete Nail Care System
  • bellapierre Cosmetics Complete Nail Care System

bellapierre Cosmetics Complete Nail Care System


Bellapierre PRECIOUS Diamonds Complete Nail Care System contains everything you need to keep your nails looking healthy, buffed, and polished, while leaving your hands soft, smooth, and beautiful. Included in this kit is our diamond textured nail file, exclusive 4-way nail buffer, vitamin infused sweet almond cuticle treatment oil, and our luxurious hand and body lotion for a perfect at home manicure treatment.




Prior to using the complete nail care system please remove any existing nail polish, and then wash and dry your hands.

  • Using the Diamond File, you can shape your nails by filing from each corner to the center. This should be done in one direction, not back and forth. You can also use the strip marked as “SHAPER” from the Nail Buffer to help you shape your nails.
  • Next, using the Nail Buffer, start with the black strip marked as “STEP 1” on the side of the buffer, and buff across the nail in one direction for 10 seconds. This treatment removes ridges and residue. Use once every 2 weeks.
  • Using the white strip on top of the buffer marked “STEP 2,” buff each nail for 10-15 seconds. This treatment will stimulate growth and remove all remaining scratches. If you wish to apply nail polish, please do so after this step. Allow nails to dry completely before continuing to the next step.
  • The last step using the Nail Buffer is the white strip on the bottom marked “STEP 3.” Buff each nail for 10-20 seconds or until you achieve a glossy shine. Use this strip often as it will stimulate growth and make your dull nails sparkle again.
  • Apply one drop of the Cuticle Treatment to each cuticle around the nail and rub in thoroughly to make sure you have covered the full cuticle area. Be sure to push back the cuticle to allow the oil to penetrate the cuticle, this will help your nail beds to breathe. Daily use will avoid cracking and drying cuticles.
  • Lastly, apply the Precious Hand and Body Lotion to add moisture to your hands and nails. Use as needed.