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Blessed Moon Black Hole Waterproof Lasting Eyeliner Pen (3 Colours)

  • £11.50
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Bolden up your look with this long lasting liquid eyeliner that easily and intricately glides onto your eyelids.  Waterproof formula contains skin friendly ingredients (soybean, barley and rice extracts) that nourish the skin and won't irritate the eye area.

“Will overwhelm anyone the moment they apply “

Why Blackhole lasting eyeliner’s unlike any other:-

        Has a sharp line that can fix fast with a clean finish
        A marker pen-type that draws on so easily that it’s beginners friendly
        Formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients and soothing agents to replenish your              skin.
        So powerful that water, sweat and oil do not have any effect
        With 3 colours to choose from, you are able to create a different mood

How to Use:

   1) Shake well before use.

   2) Apply the liquid eyeliner close to the lash.