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Blessed Moon Like a Shadow - 3g #Black Swan

  • £13.50

Glittery eye shadow features finely-milled pigments with oil coating to minimize fallout, while silica and sebum-absorbing powder create a smooth, velvety and long-lasting finish.


  • A sparkling eyeshadow that shines with luxurious glitters.


  • The finely-milled pigment is formulated with an oil coating to minimize fallout.


  • Enriched with sebum-absorbing powder to offer a smooth, velvety texture with long wear.

    How to use:


  • Apply pigment on the eyelids, using fingertips or a brush.

    Glitter Eye Shadow with Large Capacity
     - 3 times of content 
    than regular palette
     - Oil Coating: 
    No powder Blowing
     - Serum Control Formulation: 
    No Smearing or Creasing