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  • House of Beauty Lip Hybrid - Miami
  • House of Beauty Lip Hybrid - Miami

House of Beauty Lip Hybrid - Miami


A true bright orange with a gold shift.

 Sets To A Glossy, Semi Metallic Finish

Lip Hybrid™
A unique formula that's a cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss.

House of Beauty Lip Hybrid™ are a creamy mixture of nurturing ingredients with high quality pigmentation. Our Lip Hybrid™ look and apply like a gloss but set and feel like a lipstick. They are so highly pigmented, that only a pea size amount is needed for full coverage. House of Beauty Lip Hybrid™ adhere so well to your lips, that they will last you through food and drink and will not feather or fade! No lip liner or primer is needed when using our Lip Hybrid™.
Our premium Lip Hybrid™ come in a space saving 5 gram clear jar with 5ml or 0.17 ounces of product, the equivalent to two lipsticks. Although, upon seeing the jar, it may appear rather small. Once you try them, you will learn that in fact a pea size amount(more or less), is just enough for application. You can build up your application for a more intense look or use a smaller amount for a wash of color.
We suggest for best application to use our Detachable Lip Brush or one of our Disposable Doe Foot Applicators.
Disclaimer** Colors may vary due to them being handmade. It may also vary depending on one's own skin/lip pigmentation. Even lighting can be a factor of the color variation, especially with our specialty colors, such as ones that are duo chromes, iridescent or metallics with a color shift.