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  • Get the Look kits

Get the Look kits


With this natural eye makeup kit, we introduce your favorite new look. Color coordinated shimmer sets provide expert mix and match ability for your most gorgeous eyes ever. 

The natural eye makeup kits are available in 7 beautiful looks. With 7 beautiful natural eye makeup looks, you are sure to find the best look for your needs. Everyone enjoys different aspects of our all natural makeup. With the Get The Look kits, customers can reveal their personality. This all natural makeup proves that the eyes truly are the windows to the soul.

This Natural Eye Makeup Kit Includes:
• 3 Shimmer Powders (2.35g):
    Smoky Eyes: Snowflake, Tin Man, Noir
    Bellapierre Get the look kit - Smoky Eyes
    Pretty Woman: Champagne, Earth, Cocoa
    Bellapierre Get the look kit - Pretty Woman
    Deep Ocean: Ocean, HaHa, Refined
    Bellapierre Get the look kit - Deep Ocean
    Wild Forest: Discoteque, Forest, Reluctance
    Bellapierre Get the look kit - Wild Forest
    Vibrant Trio: Apt, Money, Fores