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Liberty Nailbar Pro | Worlds #1 Home DIY Press-On Nail Art Kit

  • £13.33

The Liberty Nailbar - The world's best way to paint press-on nails before wearing them

Paint your favourite false nails at home or on the go with the help of The Liberty Nailbar. It’s a clever acrylic nail salon kit that allows you to create beautiful nails as soon as you need them. You no longer need to spend time and money booking an appointment at a salon. 

How it works 

It only takes a few steps—and a little inspiration—to enjoy using The Liberty Nailbar.

  1. Place your press-on nails onto each Liberty Nailbar finger with the supplied tack.
  2. Choose the perfect colour and start painting.
  3. Be creative and add gems or any other decorations you fancy. 
  4. Leave your beautifully designed nails to dry. 
  5. Outfit on? Check. Hair done? Check. Now, it’s time to remove the nails from The Liberty Nailbar kit and fit them onto your fingers. Enjoy looking fabulous! 

If you want to see more, click here for our video (opens in a new window).

Quick product details

  • Easy to use: The ten fingers of this kit support all your press-on nails at once
  • Ample storage: The kit comes with six storage pots to help you organise your nails.
  • Compact & portable: You can bring your Liberty Nailbar kit everywhere!
  • Sturdy: The kit won’t easily fall over and spoil freshly decorated press-on nails.
  • UK-designed: The Liberty Nailbar is made with quality & locally sourced materials. 

    Whether you’re a newbie press-on nail user or a freelance nail technician, The Liberty Nailbar is perfect for you! Place your order online now so you can get your hands on this kit.