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  • LIEF ESSENTIALS Hand Cream with Pure Organic African Marula Oil. Suitable For All Skin Types. Cruelty-free. 100 ml

LIEF ESSENTIALS Hand Cream with Pure Organic African Marula Oil. Suitable For All Skin Types. Cruelty-free. 100 ml


Let your hands enjoy the luxurious moisturizing feel provided by the Marula oil hand cream. The cream helps in blocking the moisture within the skin and gives a radiant look to your hands. The use of Lief essential’s Marula hand cream offers round the clock protection from adverse conditions like dryness and cracked skin. The formula of the hand cream is a perfect blend of all the exquisite ingredients chosen by the managing team. This silicon free creamy solution strengthens the silky lock barrier and allows the skin to retain the moisture.


Marula Oil Skin & Hand Care Cream for Your Skin Nourishment

The credit of the usefulness of this amazing hand cream goes to the oil extract of the Marula tree’s fruit. The fragrant and worthy of use marula oil hand cream is everything your hands need to hydrate the skin and give it an ultra-soft feel. The marula oil hand cream is your ultimate partner in soothing and nourishing your skin. Complete range of marula oil skin care products helps you to revitalize damaged, burnt and sun-exposed skin cells by treating them naturally.



The Marula oil is a rich ingredient that offers flawless skin care. It is known for its expert qualities to keep the skin soft, moisturized and hydrated. The essential nutrients in the marula oil hand cream revitalize the skin providing every single nutrient it is deficient in. These nutrients in return make the skin healthy and beautiful. Don’t you want to have soft, silky and smooth skin? It’s time you bring home the marula oil skin care products. It helps in restoring the radiance and delivers a blissful fragrant to the skin.

The brand lief essentials is proud to launch an intelligently designed marula oil hand cream to make your hands soft and healthier. Our hands are our constant companions. We use them in doing nearly everything. Whether you are eating, washing clothes, driving, cleaning or are out on a trip carrying handbags, hands are used to carry out every single task. During this tedious routine, our precious hand skin fights against heat, sunlight, dust and dirt. The marula oil infused hand cream is thus used to protect the skin from damage from constant exposure to skin threatening conditions. Moreover, the marula oil hand cream also helps in restoring the health of the already damaged skin. marula oil skin care cream is specially designed to bring the lost softness and gentle feel of your hands that you might be missing. Marula oil and skin care products are made up of finest ingredients that not only revitalizes your skin but also makes it more immune against skin damages and dryness.

From dry knuckles to the damaged fingertips, such worse skin conditions are no match for this luxurious soothing hand cream. The creamy blend in the tube is replete with glycerin, shea butter, marula skin care oil and other healthy ingredients. While glycerin works on softening and soothing the skin, the shea butter and marula oil hydrates and fulfill the nutritional requirement of the hand’s skin.

Lieft essentials is one of the top hand-picked brands for the skin care products and they offer a variety of products that provide smooth and supple skin. You can enjoy safe and comfortable use of our products as we purely use natural ingredients that not only provides you great outcomes but does this as a long term skin treatment.