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3 Best Prima Makeup Glitter Paste to Sparkle Your Look

3 Best Prima Makeup Glitter Paste to Sparkle Your Look

Is the holiday season knocking at the door? And you want to add glitter to your look? No matter whatever special events like weddings, prom and other festivities you are attending, going for Prima Makeup glitter in the UK makes sense.

Glitter makeup looks amazing on your eyes. The glitter is easy to apply and to learn the entire process. On your special event, everyone think that you’re a makeup genius. But in reality you will spend five minutes for making your eyes stand out and shine.

Here are a few best Prima Makeup Glitter options you should consider buying in the UK:

Prima Makeup Unicorn Poop Glitter Paste - Eton Mess

While choosing Prima Makeup Glitter, you can go for hot pink color. You’ll love the Eton Mess Unicorn Poop Glitter Paste by Prima Makeup. The glitter has the combo of bright hot pink along with splashes of striking silver chunks throughout for a unique touch.

It has higher pigmentation, rich colour base and fragrance of Clementine as well as Prosecco. This glitter paste is available with a great array of shapes and sizes of chunky glitter. The luscious and hydrating formula is vegan-free and cruelty-free.

However, the Prima Makeup glitter paste comes with essential oils for skin moisturisation and provides you with the right balance of vitality and sparkle. This product is of cosmetic grade and is completely safe for face, body as well as hair.

Prima Makeup 30mm Loose Glitter for Face and Body - Ice Queen

The loose glitter is applied best with a flat brush and an adhesive like Unicorn Poop Shimmering fixing gel. You should place on the mix of glitter in a sweeping motion.

Once it’s in place it won’t move until you want to take it off when water or makeup remover works perfectly. Wear it on face, body, and hair. Add some innovative touches with different unicorn mixes to get the most amazing and sparkling look.

Prima Makeup Unicorn Poop Glitter Paste - Caribbean Lagoon

Prima Makeup Caribbean Lagoon glitter paste offers you the bright hues of blues and silvers, which is ideal to use for a fast full body glitter. The glitter paste is available in different shapes and sizes of chunky glitter.

This Prima Makeup glitter paste is luscious and hydrating formula. It has essential oils that help in moisturising your skin and giving a right balance of glitter and vitality. This glitter is of superior cosmetic grade and is considered as a safe alternative to face, hair, and body.

Prima Makeup Holographic Glitter Paste - Chameleon Collection - A Lotta Mocha

A Lotta Mocha glitter paste is a sparkling option and is multi-tonal. This glitter has different shades of holographic, iridescent and metallic glitter. It gives you a colour with changing effects in different lights. You will get a dark brown colour to light gold effect. The Prima Makeup Glitter paste comes in a 20ml pot and works safely for face, body as well as hair.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to purchasing Prima Makeup glitter in the UK, you should look no further than Beauty Goddess. We have an extensive selection of Prima Makeup glitters and glitter pastes available for you to choose from.