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Elegant Touch Acrylic French Stiletto false nails No.01

  • £8.00
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This manicure-in-minutes kit gives you salon-quality, ping-proof nails with a super-shiny gel finish in just a few simple steps. Giving you up to 10 days of awesome! What are you waiting for? With our acrylic salon expert finish, “No.1” is the perfect French ombre stiletto nail. With our salon sculpted fit, these nails will seamlessly contour to your cuticle for the full salon effect. The dual injection technology adds strength at the tip to reinforce the nail, making them feel extra secure. All with our perfected diamond shine finish!


Store in a cool and dry place, and prep the nail following instructions inside of the pack. Choose nail sizes. Apply a thin layer of glue to the nails. Angle the nail from the cuticle to the tip and gently press down.