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FOREO ESPADA™ Blue Light Acne Treatment- Cobalt Blue

  • £149.00
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Function: Treatment

Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive

Product Type: Beauty Tools

What it is:

Targeted. Terminated. Taken Care Of. ESPADAᵀᴹ is your ultimate skincare secret weapon. Designed to rapidly and gently clear blemishes, its noninvasive technology eliminates acne-causing bacteria and helps prevent future breakouts for flawless skin that lasts. Safe and simple to use in the comfort of your own home, ESPADAᵀᴹ is a professional-level blue light acne treatment device made of medical-grade silicone which combines ultra-powerful blue light technology with T-Sonic pulsations to tackle acne-causing bacteria deep beneath the skin's surface. 415 nm of blue light (LED) penetrates deep below the skin’s surface to kill acne-causing bacteria at the source, while T-Sonic pulsations allow the treatment to diffuse deeper for increased effectiveness and stimulates blood micro-circulation to facilitate skin renewal. Its lightweight design and long-lasting charge make it great for travel, because you never know when a pimple might pop up.

What it does:

  • Rapidly and gently clears acne blemishes in as little as 30 seconds a day
  • Helps prevent future breakouts
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Regulates sebum production on targeted facial areas
  • Clearer and healthier-looking skin
  • Visible results after 1st use


  • Soft medical-grade silicone is gentle enough for even the most sensitive acne-prone skin and prohibits spread of acne-causing bacteria
  • 30-second treatment with a built-in timer
  • Skin sensor activated upon contact with skin to conserve battery life and ensure safety for skin and eyes
  • 100% waterproof for easy maintenance
  • 240 uses per USB charge
  • A one-time investment with no additional or changeable cartridges
  • 2-year Limited Warranty

What it includes:

ESPADAᵀᴹ, USB Charger, User Manual, Warranty Registration Card

What else you need to know:

Function: Blue Light Acne Clearing Treatment
Skin Type: All skin types


Soft medical-grade silicone


  1. PRIME: Cleanse face to remove all dirt and makeup. ESPADAᵀᴹ’s blue light is most effective on clean, dry skin.
  2. TARGET: Press the centre button once to activate the device and point it at the blemish using the targeted red light.
  3. TREAT: Gently place the device onto the blemish and hold for 30 seconds, at which point it will pulse to let you know the routine is complete.
  4. REPEAT: After 30 seconds, move the device to any other blemish you wish to treat and repeat the procedure.