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Foreo Ufo Mini Full Facial Led Mask Treatment, Red Light Therapy, Face Masks Beauty Treatment, Korean Skincare, Thermotherapy & Face Massager, Moisturiser, Increased Skin Care Absorption, Pearl Pink

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Product Description

UFO mini is the ultimate LED light therapy and delivering the skin of your dreams in indulgent, 2-minute daily treatments! Designed through a fusion of visionary technologies and stunning customization capabilities, this palm-sized personal skincare revolution reestablishes a nourished healthy glow, from the very first use, delivering instantly visible, pro-level results

UFO mini features pleasant warming to infuse active mask ingredients deeper into the skin for max benefits, full-spectrum LED light therapy which uses 8 specific LED light wavelengths to visibly revitalize and diminishing signs of aging, and our signature, radiance-boosting T-Sonic™ massage to relax facial & neck muscle tension points.

Extreme customization and pro-results devices. Pair with select UFO Power Activated Masks adapted to your skin needs for quick and convenient, 2-minute, app-guided, pre-programmed treatments, or customize your own perfectly personalized facial!

UFO mini is a private home spa with professional salon LED therapies for everyday use. Full-spectrum lights cover an entire range of skin needs. Red LED - stimulates collagen production, promotes healing and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles Blue LED - destroys acne-causing bacteria, heals existing and prevents future breakouts Green LED - evens out discolorations, lightens age spots, diminishes dark circles White LED - tones and tightens, reduces puffiness, and activates the natural rejuvenation Purple LED- excellent for flushing out toxins, easing the process of natural self-healing Orange LED - heals sun-damaged thin skin, treating the signs of overexposure on the cellular level Yellow LED – heals symptoms of sunburn, visibly diminishing rosacea, and evens out skin tone Cyan LED – promotes faster healing, reduces swelling, blocks pain, and diminishes visible capillaries