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WetBrush Pro Detangler Metamorphosis Sapphire Empress

  • £14.99
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An innovation in hair care, the Pro Detangler has totally transformed our locks (and lives)!

Detangling in mere minutes, this (lets be honest, fairly ordinary looking) brush is the secret to happy hair, healthy scalp, and no more mornings spent wrestling (crying) over that nape-of-the-neck dread thats developed

Lightweight and easy to wield, the Pro Detangler seamlessly separates all knots and tats without compromising precious strands.

This is all due to the revolutionary Intelliflex technology; the thin, strong yet super flexible bristles have brains yielding or unbending as required to glide through tangles with next-to-no tugging, tearing or tress distress.

Whats more, the ball-tip bristles are perfect for gently stimulating circulation near the scalp, to better feed your follicles and encourage new growth.