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Blessed Moon Tiny Monster Mascara (3 Colors)

  • £13.00
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Waterproof and natural mascara 👀✨



  • A mascara that creates a natural curling effect for the lashes without forming clumps.


  • Flexible gel formula that contains pearl powders that helps care for the lashes.


  • Formulated with Lepidum Meyenii Root extract that helps improve lash conditions and elasticity.


  • Water and sweat-proof formula that does not smudge off easy.

    How to use:


  • Brush over a proper amount onto the eyelashes in a zig-zag motion.

    ✔No clumping!
    Mascara that doesn't clump even after 100 coats

    Get rid of the prejudice that mascara gets thinner the more you use it

    ✔No smearing !
    Check the comparison cut after 24 hours of use