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Use our LED/UV lamp to cure your Gel Polish or Gel Nail Strips!

✦  The box contains: UV/LED lamp and USB cable.

✦  Size: 131x67x19 mm.

✦  6 LEDs.

✦ Maximum power consumption: 6W.

✦ Rated input: 5V/1A

What you'll need :

 MoYou London Gel Nail Strips or MoYou London Premium Gel Polish.

★ MoYou London UV/LED Lamp.

How to use:

1) Connect the UV/LED Lamp to a power source using the USB cable.

2) Apply Gel Strips or Gel Polish onto your nails.

3) Place your nails under the device.

4) Press the side button to activate the lamp and cure your nails.*

* Short press the ON/OFF button - 60 secs (default).

* Long press the ON/OFF button - 120 secs.

5) Wait for the light to turn off. Your nails are now cured!

6) Repeat if necessary.