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NANOIL Argan Oil 50ml

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100% organic | Unrefined | Cold-pressed

INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Size: 50 ml

Contains over 100 precious substances which make the oil a potent antioxidant. It's a natural beauty oil that delays the ageing process, moisturises, as well as improves the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Argan oil is the answer to accelerating hair growth and restoring natural shine to the strands. Perfect for dry, sensitive, mature, acne-prone and damaged skin types. Also, argan oil is an effective face and eye serum. It's certified by Ecocert - a globally recognised label assigned to the highest quality natural cosmetics.

Argan trees grow in the northeastern regions of Morocco. They're highly respected and not without good reason called the ‘Trees of Life’. Owing to their nuts, the most recognised beauty oil, Liquid Gold of Morocco, is obtained.

NANOIL Argan Oil

Argan Oil by NANOIL is a natural oil obtained by cold-pressing; it is unrefined and 100% organic. Thanks to this, each drop of this precious oil contains the essence of what is best in the fresh nuts of the Argan tree.

What Does Argan Oil Contain?

Argan oil is a precious source of unsaturated fatty acids (around 80%). It contains linoleic acid from the omega-6 group and oleic acid belonging to the omega-9 group; therefore, it's suitable for every hair and skin type. The oil is recognised for its high concentration of vitamin E, carotens, squalane and butyrospermol (sun protection) as well as many other active substances.

How Does Argan Oil Work?

  • Reduces wrinkles and slows down the skin ageing process.
  • Slows down excessive hair loss.
  • Perfect face, body and hair serum.
  • Neutralises free radicals.
  • Takes care of and protects skin before and after sunbathing.
  • Stimulates the cell self-renewal process.
  • Moisturises and prevents water loss.
  • Lifts, improves suppleness and elasticity of skin.
  • Nourishes and strengthens hair; improves its looks and structure.
  • Restores natural shine and accelerates hair growth.


  • For Use on the Hair
  • For Use on the Body
  • For Use on the Face
  • Foot Care
  • Nail Care

Storing Instructions:

The beauty oil has to be tightly sealed and kept in a dry and cool place. Keep away from sunlight.

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Argan oil used in Nanoil products is certified by Ecocert.