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NANOIL Castor Oil 50ml

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100% organic | Unrefined | Cold-pressed

INCI: Ricinus Communis Seed Oil

Size: 50 ml

One of the finest natural beauty oils perfectly suited to boosting lash, brow and hair growth. Used for centuries, castor oil has recently enjoyed a return to its former glory. Despite being thick, castor oil can be applied to hair, skin, nails, eyebrows and eyelashes. It strengthens and protects against water loss by accelerating hair growth. Also, the oil delivers shine and smooths strands. It's certified by Ecocert - a globally recognised label assigned to the highest quality natural cosmetics.

It’s believed that Ricinus communis originates from Africa and the Middle East. It loves tropical climates, but in most countries it's grown mainly for decorative purposes. These are the nuts closed in red and spiky shells that the popular castor oil is extracted from; eagerly used to treat eyelashes, hair and eyebrows.

NANOIL Castor Oil

Castor Oil by Nanoil is natural oil obtained by cold-pressing, and is unrefined and 100% organic. Thanks to this, each drop of this precious cosmetic contains the essence of what’s best in the red seeds of Ricinus communis.

What Does Castor Oil Contain?

Ninety percent of castor oil is made up of an organic fatty acid, called ricinoleic acid, which can't be found in other oils. A little bit lower than this is the concentration of omega acids, yet they can be found alongside minerals and vitamins (e.g. A and E). What might be intriguing is that castor oil is incredibly similar to human keratin.

How Does Castor Oil Work?

  • Antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Accelerates eyelash, eyebrow and hair growth.
  • Nourishes, reinforces and promotes rebuilding.
  • Has cleansing properties.
  • Lubricates by maintaining adequate hydration.
  • Smoothes out, softens and enhances shine.
  • Protects the epidermal layer against damage.
  • Regenerates and strengthens fingernails.
  • Slightly darkens eyelashes and hair.

For Use on Hair

Most frequently, castor oil is put on hair to make it stronger. Regular application of castor oil to the scalp stimulates hair growth and prevents excessive thinning, eliminating, at the same time, the risk of baldness. The same effects are produced on brows and lashes. Moreover, the oil is responsible for maintaining adequate hydration, increasing elasticity, enhancing natural colour and boosting shine. Rubbing castor oil into the hair combats split ends and dehydration of strands.

For Use on Eyelashes

It doesn't only accelerate hair growth; castor oil affects eyelashes and eyebrows alike: it stimulates their extension and naturally darkens the lash and brow hairs to leave them full of volume. It's suitable in the role of a natural eyelash and eyebrow serum that reinforces, increases elasticity and adds shine.

For Use on the Body

Rarely is it applied to the entire body due to its high density. However, you can dip weak nails in warm castor oil to rebuild and strengthen them and to prevent splitting. Also, it serves well as a hand and cuticle softening oil.

For Use on the Face

In view of its antibacterial action and the fact that it is the only oil that can be combined with water, castor oil is suitable for face cleansing. It can be used to remove makeup along with other impurities, including oily ones. Still, it's better to use it in small quantities and always rinse it from the face using warm water.

Storing Instructions:

The beauty oil has to be tightly sealed and kept in a dry and cool place. Keep away from sunlight.

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Castor oil used in Nanoil products is certified by Ecocert.