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NANOIL Jojoba Oil 50ml

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100% organic | Unrefined | Cold-pressed

INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

Size: 50 ml

This natural beauty oil, which in reality is a liquid wax, is the only one to offer such unique beauty properties. Jojoba oil is diverse and offers a variety of nourishing substances including vitamins, squalene and fatty acids. Well-absorbed by the skin, it is a natural UV filter, very similar in structure to human sebum. Also, jojoba oil cures acne and positively affects weakened hair. It's certified by Ecocert, a globally recognised label assigned to the highest quality natural cosmetics.

Jojoba oil is called the ‘desert gold of evergreen shrub’. This liquid wax is pressed from jojoba seeds: Simmondsia Chinensis. It's exceptionally resistant to going rancid which helps it preserve its properties.

NANOIL Jojoba Oil

Nanoil Jojoba Oil is a natural oil obtained by cold-pressing, and it is unrefined and 100% organic. Due to this, each drop of this precious cosmetic contains the essence of what is best in these inconspicuous seeds of grey box bush.

What Does Jojoba Oil Contain?

Jojoba oil is a source of precious unsaturated fatty acids (EFAs), plant sterols and anti-ageing properties, squalene that improves and maintains skin functions as well as rejuvenating vitamin E.

How Does Jojoba Oil Work?

  • Suitable for oily, dry and combination skin.
  • Moisturises and prevents water loss.
  • Deeply nourishes, smooths out and softens skin and hair.
  • Creates a protective film on hair and skin.
  • Regenerates skin and combats dryness.
  • Cleanses and takes care of the scalp.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Balances sebum production and eliminates excessive seborrhea.
  • Maintains skin’s acid mantle (pH) and moisture level.
  • Takes care of gentle eye and lip skin.
  • Conditions hands, feet and nail plates.
  • Protects hair ends and leaves hair glossy.
  • Has an antibacterial effect.

For Use on Hair

Jojoba oil is the finest, strongly regenerating conditioner, suitable for all hair types because it slows down seborrhea of greasy hair and, at the same time, soothes a dry scalp and moisturises hair. Just a really small amount of the oil is needed to massage it into the scalp and hair. Jojoba improves the appearance of hair and intensifies shine after the first use. The oil can be used as an addition to other hair care products.

For Use on the Body

Jojoba is a perfect and delicate massage oil as well as a highly nourishing addition to a bath, after which the skin doesn't need to be treated with any balm. It nourishes, smoothes out and moisturises skin. Jojoba oil features natural UV filters and brings relief to skin after sunbathing.

For Use on the Face

It's a potent ingredient used for homemade makeup-removing cosmetics and facial creams, but it can also be used in anti-age prophylaxis as an advanced, nourishing face serum to be applied day and/or night. Also, it fights acne, cures skin lesions and prevents discolouration.

Nail Application

Jojoba oil is suitable for treating finger nails: it softens and takes care of cuticles. It's recognised as being the finest kind of treatment for damaged and brittle nails.

Storing Instructions:

The beauty oil has to be tightly sealed and kept in a dry and cool place. Keep away from sunlight.

Ecocert logo

Jojoba oil used in Nanoil products is certified by Ecocert.