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Pat McGrath PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil - Bare Rose (Soft Pink)

  • £35.99
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A bold collection of waterproof lip pencils in a spectrum of highly coveted and inventive tones. Designed to simultaneously blend lip colour while adding sharp definition and structure for long-lasting lip perfection.

- 1 PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil 1.20g /.042oz., 1.44" x 0.68" x 5.55"

- Effortlessly shapes and adds definition to lips.

Enhances the natural volume of the mouth for gorgeously shaded and sculpted lips.

Blends easily and offers an even colour payoff.

PermaGel technology allows for ultimate precision in definition, filling and shaping the lip.

Extremely longwearing and waterproof.

Zero feathering or transfer.

A smooth application with ample time to blend and experiment with gradient and opacity before setting.

Features an assortment of shades that coordinate with MatteTrance™ and LuxeTrance™ Lipsticks.

Achieve effortlessly shaped and defined lips with these simple steps.

  1. Begin by prepping lips with exfoliant, then dab with a hint of balm.
  2. Blot with a tissue, then neutralise natural lip colour with a bit of concealer.

Amp up your pout with sinful volume: 

  1. Select a slightly darker shade of lip pencil than the desired lip colour.
  2. Apply the lip pencil just outside of the lip line, developing the desired shape and size.
  3. Using a lip brush, diffuse the lip pencil into the natural lip line by blending the colour towards the centre.
  4. To create the illusion of three-dimensionality, fill in the middle of lips with a pencil one shade lighter than the lip colour.