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Pat McGrath Mothership IV: Decadence Palette

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Luxuriate in the rich splendour of Mother’s most precious jewels, ten decadent hues illuminated with diamond sparkle intensity. The most indulgent spread of sumptuous blues and exquisite golds, chromecast metallics and incendiary coppers ignite eyes with vivid color intensity, presented in a luxe, couture palette.

Shades, clockwise from top left
Gold Standard
Blue Blood
Divine Mink
Lapis Luxury

- 1 Mothership IV: Decadence Palette (8.9 x .84 x 4.9)

- Creamy, soft textures ignite metallic, pearlized pigments and amplify colour.

- Extreme blendability and adherence without creasing.

- Pure colour intensity 

- Polished and bright multi-dimensional finish.

- Emollient-like texture and glide.

- One-stroke, velvety matte intensity.

Achieve three editorial classic looks and tempt your creative subconscious to emerge.

Hedonistic Inferno –  Fiery copper and crimson look with vibrant golden highlights

  1. Apply Inferno to the eyelid, and build up the intensity by pressing the pigment with your finger.

  2. Sweep Hedonistic through the crease, blending outward while wrapping the colour around and into the lower lash line.

  3. Blend Blue Blood within the outer corner of the crease to accentuate and elongate the eye shape.

  4. Intensify the lash line by applying Underworld with a dampened liner brush.

  5. Illuminate the inner corner and the centre of the eyelid with Gold Standard using a dampened detail brush.

Underworld Luxury – Smokey, midnight blue winged eye look with gleaming silver illumination

  1. Press Underworld pigment onto the eyelid using the fingertip. Build the colour for opulent opacity and blend outwards into a winged shape. Refine with a cotton bud as needed.

  2. Sweep Lapis Luxury through the crease to create a seamless midnight blue ombre.

  3. Smudge Divine Mink through the lower lash line for soft definition.

  4. Spotlight the inner corner of the eyes withSterling for captivating illumination.

Sinfully Enigmatic  Esoteric taupe sensuous smokey eye

  1. Using a blending brush, apply a wash of Enigma across the eyelids. Press Divine Mink within the outer corner, blending outward for an elongated effect.

  2. Sweep Blue Blood through the crease of the eye and within the lower lashline to add depth and smokey definition.

  3. Finish the look and awaken eyes by applying Sinful to the inner corners with a dampened detail brush.

Palette Shades:

Gold Standard — Gild lids, inner corners and Cupid’s bow with rich, glistening yellow gold.
Sterling — Create chrome-like effects in luminous, polished silver. Use wet or dry.
Hedonistic — Embellish eyes in fiery, metallic crimson.
Lapis Luxury — Crystalline turquoise gilds lids and lines eyes with multidimensional reflection.
Blue Blood — Channel your inner vamp in deep vermillion for a sultry, warm smokey eye.
Inferno — Blitz lids in radiant metallic copper. Use a damp brush for ultimate vibrancy.
Sinful — Deliver platinum gold drama to the centre of the lid, inner corners and Cupid’s bow.
Divine Mink — Sculpt and contour lids with the grey-brown sheen of this modern twist on taupe.
Enigma — Douse lids or metallize your smokey eye in multi-dimensional glittering greige.
Underworld — Luxuriate in metallic matte cerulean for the perfect navy metal smoke or liner.