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Prima Makeup Pressed Glitter - Starlight

  • £5.50
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Starlight is a holographic, super-sparkly, silver pressed glitter which can be perfectly paired with all other shades. Best applied with a Prima sponge applicator brush or your fingertips, and either over a primer or eyeshadow of your choice. 

You can also use these pressed glitters on lips! The added aloe vera will leave lips lovely and soft. 


Fancy some sparkly smoochers! You can also use these pressed glitters on your lips! And as an added bonus, the added aloe vera will leave those luscious lips lovely and soft. 


  • Cruelty Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Beautiful High Pigmentation
  • Long lasting and applied to the skin easily 

1 x 26mm magnetic pan in plastic casing

Prima Makeup Pressed glitters have a unique formula! They have a built in adhesive, this means you don’t need a separate fixing gel! They also don’t contain any oil, so they won’t crease! This formula gives you a highly pigmented, super sparkly look that will last all night long, with no fall out. The gel formula also keeps the glitter only where you want it to be, so no sparkly cheeks, but only if you don't want sparkly cheeks that is!