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Prima Makeup Unicorn Poop Chunky Loose Glitter Stacker

  • £13.99
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In our fabulous Unicorn Poop stacker you will three fantastic chunky loose glitter mixes, which you can use on your face, hair or body, whilst out on the town! To fix your loose glitter, we have included our sparkling Unicorn Poop Adhesive, with added essential oils to make your skin beautifully soft.


An excellent addition to your handbag, your three chunky unicorn poop glitters will ensure you are ready to transform into a sparkling goddess in a flash. 

Perfect as a gift this festive season (or even as a treat for yourself) you'll have your friends and family sparkling from head to toe! 

In each stacker you will receive:

- Unicorn Poop Adhesive

- Loose Chunky Glitter in Silver, Gold, Serenity

Available in 4 x 5ml stackable pots. Cruelty-Free and Vegan-Friendly!