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Shamanic The Energy of the Amazon Fix Forever Hyaluron Powder

  • £40.00
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Vegan and natural soft-focus powder with the finest mineral pigments.

– For all skin types
– Finest pigments with oil-absorbing and mattifying properties
– Refines and rejuvenates the complexion
– Sun protection factor 30



No artificial additives

Nourishing, transparent and moisture-binding powder with blur effect for a flawless, natural complexion. Fixes the makeup and eye shadow. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid binds moisture in deeper layers of the skin. The complexion looks wonderfully soft, nourished and refined – without being too "dull".


Either remove a small amount of the nourishing powder with a tightly bound brush directly from the opening or alternatively we recommend tilting a small amount of the powder into the lid this allows a very targeted removal. Then tap the brush briefly to remove excess product. Then gently spread the removed powder on the face or dust over it.


Hyaluronic acid, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, silicate, zinc oxide

INCI: Silica, Cl 77891, Zinc Oxide, Cl 77491, Sodium Hyaluronate