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PaintGlow Chunky Loose Glitter for Face, Body and Hair

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Cosmetic Chunky Glitter

Festival glitter magpies rejoice! Fulfilling your wildest unicorn dreams with the glittering effect of being draped in crystals and holographic mermaid scales, PaintGlow’s Chunky Hair, Face and Body Glitter is soon to be your most prised possession! Whether you’re channelling the Insta festival glitter crowds with #glittertears and #glitterboobs or simply want to brighten your festival mood, with a little glitter makeup- PaintGlow’s Chunky Glitter army awaits

Fulfil Your Unicorn Dreams With PaintGlow Chunky Cosmetic Glitter Makeup!

After your all night festival partying, bucket loads of fizz and VERY little sleep- there’s always gonna be a couple of festival and party after effects that don’t like to work in your favour. Whether that be eye bags as big as your rucksack or roots as greasy as your burger, one things for certain- you’re NOT alone gurrl! But, did you know that PaintGlow’s Chunky Glitter doubles as the most sassy under eye and root concealer on the planet?! That’s right say hello to the sassiest festival glitter saviour of the year.

  • Available in 8 dreamy loose glitter shades
  • Holographic and iridescent glitter in a hexagonal shape
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 100% cruelty free makeup
  • Glitter Diameter: 3.2mm
  • Easy application with PaintGlow Glitter Fix Gel

Tips & Tricks Of The Trade: How To Apply PaintGlow’s Loose Glitter.

Partnering up with our super powerful and super long-lasting Glitter Fix Gel, here’s your easy two step recipe to achieving dreamy festival unicorn tears.

  1. Using a finely tipped brush or cotton bud, use a small amount of Glitter Fixation Glue to draw vertical lines from your bottom eyelashes towards your cheek and cheekbones. This should resemble the shape of sun rays, but don’t worry if it isn’t neat, the glitter will do all the talking!
  2. Next, selecting the sassiest unicorn chunky glitter (we’re going for Mystic Mermaid), dab, shake or sprinkle the glitter on top of the fixing gel. VOILA! Your transformation into a sassy glitter goddess is complete!

Pack includes: 1x Gold Digger, 1x Fix Gel, 1x Silver / Net fill 2x 3g & 1x 13ml