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theBalm Cosmetics The Total Package Pocket Sized Palette - I Love My Girlfriend

  • £22.50
Tax included.

theBalm The Total Package Pocket-Sized Makeup Palette proves the best things really do come in small packages!

These super-cute palettes cram in an amazing 6 cream eyeshadows, 3 lip/cheek shades plus powder blush and bronzer.

Don't leave home without it!

Why you need it: theBalm The Total Package Pocket-Sized Makeup Palette will have you asking the question "Is that a palette in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?" These pocket-sized, multitasking, reformed bad boys come in 2 styles: Denim (Boyfriend Material) and Khaki (I Love My Girlfriend). With 6 cream eyeshadows that double as liners, 3 creamy lip or cheek colours, plus blush and bronzer, it's got everything you need go get gorgeous on the go! They're small enough for your significant other to carry around for you, but don't let their petite stature fool you... you don't need deep pockets to afford these luxe palettes.

The Total Package palettes are stacked, with 9 cream pans on top and 2 generous powders below, you have everything your heart desires at your fingertips, literally. What's included: 6 cream eyeshadows/eyeliners 3 creamy lip/ cheek stains 1 powder blush 1 powder bronzer