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Add Extra Volume & Drama to Your Eyes with these Beautiful Eylure Definition Lashes UK

Do you hold the love for dramatic eyes? I mean, who doesn’t? Not everyone is blessed with thick, long eyelashes, and even if you don’t apply a lot of eye makeup, you will at least desire voluminous lashes for that standout look. Eylure Definition Lashes UK will help you fulfill your dream.


Every girl wishes for thicker, longer eyelashes, but unfortunately even after applying the best volumizing mascara for that cutting-edge look, it does not quite hit the right spot. In that case a pair of Eylure Definition Lashes UK works well. Whether it’s a case of dramatic eyes or just bigger lashes with sharp brows, Eylure Definition Lashes are what you need. Thanks to there's a huge collection of eyelashes available in different price ranges. That is why we have listed down some of the best Eylure Definition Lashes UK which will instantly notch up your looks to a whole new level.

Eylure Definition Eyelashes No. 126

These eyelashes are perfect for adding depth and definition. They feel as light as feathers and add natural volume to your lashes without weighing down your lids. The Eylure strip is suitable for all eye shapes and each pack contains a set of lashes, applicator glue, and an instruction booklet. The lashes apply with ease and are long-lasting and reusable. They won’t cause itching or puffiness, allowing you to easily wear them all day long. The thin sleek black band of the eyelash provides an extra definition for a dramatic and natural look.

Eylure Volume No. 005

The Volume lashes are great for anyone who is not experienced with false lashes. Their natural fullness and length makes them super easy to apply and wear all day! Eylure's Accent No. 005 is full but light, making the perfect day to evening lash style. They add subtle fullness and extra length to your lashes and achieve a beautiful natural-looking lash line. The unique curve of the lash hugs the eye perfectly, making both application and wear easier and comfortable. 

All of Eylure’s lashes are tailor-made and reusable.

Eylure Volume No. 101

If you are the girl on the go Volume No. 101 is the perfect lashes for you. They have a touch of glam and a natural look with volume and fullness suitable for all eyelashes. These reusable eyelashes are contact-friendly and have adhesive included in the package as well.

Eylure Volume Lashes N° 070

These vintage-inspired lashes will give you volume just in the right place. The full natural-looking eyelash creates a wonderful fullness without adding too much texture. These are recommended for a sophisticated, pared-down look. They can be reused with proper care for multiple uses.

Eylure Lashes UK are one of the best ways to noticeably enhance the appearance of your eyes, making them look fuller and longer.  Discover your new favourite Eylure lashes from our core range that are just perfect for both regular wear and special occasions.