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5 Fire Ways to Wear Holographic Orange Glitter UK

5 Fire Ways to Wear Holographic Orange Glitter UK

Did you ever ask - how do I wear glitter without looking like a prom-night disaster? Well, that is the beauty of glitter - it is meant to be imperfect. No, really!!! Dot a few silver flecks on the inner corner of your eyes and tap some Prima makeup pressed Holographic orange glitter UK in the middle of your lid, and then go live your life.

I guarantee that you must be having an orange eyeshadow collecting dust somewhere in your beauty collection. Glitters are not exactly the kind of shade that screams out to be worn, especially when it is competing with more metallic tones and exciting nude.

Orange eyeshadow is surprisingly wearable though and there is something rather universal about the color orange. Whether you go all-in with a strong shade or a subtle one, it is worth trying out. If you are ready to make orange glitter beauty products UK happen in the real world, then keep scrolling to find out how to wear it. 

Make it metallic: When in doubt, a sparkling eyelid will always help you out. Bold matte eyeshadow makes a statement, so if you are just dipping your toe into the world of orange, look for the ones with metallic tones. Pair with a subtle and light layer of mascara and glowing cheeks, and you are good to go.

Sunset inspired: Are you confused about taking how to apply Holographic orange glitter UK? Look at sunset for inspiration. Work with both light and dark orange glitter eyeshadow and blend them in to create more dimension. Depending on how bold you want the look, you can bring the shadow up past your crease. You can re-create this look and make this your go-to if you want to have something with a matte finish.

Trend it up: Hesitating to step into this trend? Take a baby step and find the best shade orange glitter that best suits you and you feel most comfortable in. Just dab a thin layer of this vibrant tangerine hue and you are all set to get in on the orange trend, with none of the hard work.

Wash of colour: Warm up a fairer complexion and make your brow bone a stand out feature, with light orange glitter focused on these areas. If you want to keep the look simple, focus on bring the colour upward and outward. Complete the look with other beauty products UK like Compact Mineral Blush on the apples of your cheek.

Easy does it: Keep it simple and soft with a sweep of dark orange that could easily masquerade as an alternative to a smoky eye. This will add plenty of drama to the eyes, so it is advisable to go for a neutral lip and well-groomed brows. Who would have thought that Holographic orange glitter UK can be the most favorite party look? Well, this super wearable and highly pigmented shade can do just that.

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