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Strobing Vs. Highlighting – What’s the Difference?

Strobing Vs. Highlighting – What’s the Difference?

Strobing and highlighting are the two terms that have caused an online stir with many makeup fanatics wanting to try out these new makeup trends. However many of us are unaware of the difference between the two techniques, so we at Beauty Goddess have brought you a post below that differentiate the two trending techniques and allow you to make the best use of these to enhance your beauty a notch higher.

What’s Strobing?

  • Strobing in a literal sense means “extreme glow” and it has become one of the hottest trends as far as makeup techniques are concerned.
  • In this technique shimmery shades of highlighter are used for accentuating features which creates an illusion that the face is contoured without defining the features in real. In fact the technique brings all of your features forward and leaves a dewy and radiant finish.
  • In strobing only light is used for enhancing your face and there are no bronzer or dark powders involved in the technique.
  • The technique of strobing is all about mimicking what it is like to be under bright and flattering lights, hence dedicated illuminating products like Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus Illumination Creme UK are being used.
  • The outcome of the technique should always be a dewy and fresh look just like you are being lit-up from within. Makeup experts recommend avoidance of harsh shimmer and chunky glitters as it will make it all look fake. Strobing is meant for creating a soft radiant glow and not creating a faked highlighted look!

What’s Highlighting?

  • Highlighting is a technique that is carried out in collaboration with contouring.
  • In this technique darker skin tone shades are used for chiseling your features and later lighter shades are used for highlighting and making your cheekbones pop.
  • The technique of highlighting is focused on creating shape while strobing is all about lighting up and adding radiance.
  • Along with contouring highlighting enhances your natural facial structure through subtle makeup.
  • You can highlight your forehead, cheekbones as well as the bridge of your nose to sharpen your features even more.

Now that you are aware of the difference between the two makeup techniques, begin pampering yourself and add the desired glow. 

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