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7th Heaven Face Food Born Free TimTom Orangutan Sheet Mask enriched with Banana and Coconut to Nourish, Hydrate and Revitalise your Skin

  • £3.99
Tax included.
  • 🦧 Supporting the Born Free Foundation project to return TimTom the Orangutan to her natural environment.
  • 🌱 Nourish, hydrate, and revitalise your skin with this Vegan Banana and Coconut enriched Orangutan printed sheet mask. Natural and naturally derived plant extracts.
  • 🤳 Get great selfies and memorable parties and sleepovers.
  • 😄 Contents can cause happiness.
  • 🐇 Cruelty Free Beauty for over 35 years! We love animals and are proud to be PETA and Cruelty Free International approved.