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AMUSE Dew Tint 08 Rose Dew 4g

  • £18.00
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  • 35% water-infused lip tint Fresh and light dewy texture adheres to your lips, with the triple structure of water-oil-water.
  • Clear dewy colors Clear dewy colors of Amuse color vibes let lips' natural color shine through.
  • Expertise Vegan Europe certification The vegan tint, which achieved the vegan certification from France Eve Vegan.
  • Long-lasting dewy color & glow Dewy coating finish and water-stained color give long-lasting glow and clear color to your lips without any coming off.
  • Iconic peachy package The Amuse iconic clear design of peachy color, which resembles healthy complexion of lips.
  • Dew lip care Mango extract keeps your lips soft and moist, while apple extract & Vitamin E acetate protect your lips from the outside environment. Fragrance is free from allergen.

* Peachy sheer package
The AMUSE iconic clear design of peachy colour, which resembles healthy complexion of lips.

Shade Details:

  • #01 LA VIE EN CORAL: Warm, peach coral.
  • #02 BREEZE: Warm, lively rose.
  • #04 CARROT DEW (new)
  • #05 HIPJIRO: Neutral, orange peach.
  • #06 FIG DEW: Warm rose.
  • #07 FIG BROWN (new)
  • #08 ROSE DEW (new)
  • #09 SEOUL SOUL: Warm, apricot nude.
  • #10 ACHIM FIG: Warm, fig nude.
  • #11 Pokchunga: Neutral, Pink Peach.
  • #12 SUNDAY: Cool, mauve rose.
  • #13 DEW BOKSOONGA: Translucent peach.
  • #14 PLEASING: Medium-pink peach.

To Use: Take an appropriate amount and smooth onto lips for dewy lips.

Caution: Due to high moisture content of this product, it might cause discoloration or separation by light. Please be careful not to place exposed to sunlight and high level of natural lighting. Strongly recommended to keep it in cosmetic pouch or makeup drawer organizer.