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Apieu Juicy-Pang Mousse Tint RD01 Apple

  • £14.99
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An award-winning lip colour in a mousse formula with all-day, lightweight comfort and a smooth, matte finish.

Sweet and juicy looking lips are on-trend, and this lightweight lip tint features the mousse and soft texture with a silky and velvety finish. It offers a vibrant shade to your pouts and glides on your lips smoothly with the moisturising formula.

To Use: Take a moderate amount and gently apply on lips from the inner part. For full lips, apply a proper amount along the lip line evenly. For gradient lips, dot on the inner part of lips and blend outward gently using the applicator.

A'PIEU is the sister brand of MISSA and SWISSPURE. A'PIEU creates lovely and trendy products, while also being wearable and unique. A'PIEU is famous for using mild and gentle ingredients to create effective and easy-to-use products, especially for young women in their 20s.