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Ardell 8D Lashes 952

  • £7.99
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Lash 952 from our 8D Collection features maximum volume, long length, and a lovely rounded silhouette for an eye-opening effect. 

Take your lashes to the next level of volume with Ardell's NEW 8D Lashes. These fluffy, feathery, full lashes have 8 times the dimension and volume for a dramatic, evening look. If you want lashes that are voluminous yet wearable, 8D is the collection for you. It’s inspired by the Russian volume salon service, the latest trend in eyelash extensions, which uses a multi-layering technique with fine fibers to achieve maximum volume. 8D creates the same lash-multiplying effect with layers upon layers of soft, fine tapered fibers.

8D Lash 952

  • Maximum volume, long length
  • Rounded lash is elongated in the center and shorter at the corners to create an eye-opening effect
  • Lavish layers of soft, fine tapered fibers take volume and dimension to the max
  • Invisiband® for a seamless look and comfortable wear
  • Black Synthetic Fibers