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Ardell Magnetic Naked Lashes 424

  • £10.99
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Ardell Magnetic Naked Lashes 424 style is shorter in length with a wispies style and double layer curls to lift and define eyes.


One of Ardell’s most popular lash style has just become even easier with this new form of lash application using magnetic technology. These new Magnetic Naked lashes blend seamlessly and are perfect for the barely-there lash style that enhances eyes subtly and naturally.


  • Works with both Magnetic Gel Liner and Liquid Liner.
  • Barely-there lash styles enhance eyes subtly and naturally.
  • Lightweight lash volume creates subtle definition.
  • Perfect for first time false lash users as an introduction to strip lashes.
  • Suitable for avid false lash wearers with shorter, sparser natural lashes or with a preference for lighter, natural styles.