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Ardell Nail Addict Nail Art Decals Pretty in Pink

  • £5.99
Tax included.

Do you want a sophisticated nail look that’s fun and fabulous? The Ardell Nail Addict Decal Pretty In Pink is exactly what you’re looking for! Just the perfect thing to elevate your nail game with its elegant yet flirtatious vibe. Adds a distinct charm to your beautifully colored nails. It’s so easy too. Perfect for a busy girl like you!

  • Pretty Pink Nail Charms: Now, that’s a pretty princess! Shine with the adorable rosy chams of the Ardell Nail Addict Decal Pretty In Pink. Fine and flashy highlighted by a composition of alluring color, shape, and style. No one can resist your every touch! Wear your nails with pride.
  • Elegant Details: Hey, head-turner! We’re sure you’ll catch everyone looking at your delightfully detailed and decadent nail looks. The Ardell Nail Addict Decal Pretty In Pink is designed to bring the best out of your colored nails. Gold lines with rosy pink and clear white jewel details. Perfect to complete your stunning cocktail party outfit or even if you just want to be a little EXTRA today.
  • Get It Now: No more waiting in line for nail salon sessions! Get the nail look of your dreams no matter where you are with the Ardell Nail Addict Decal Pretty In Pink! This glam nail detail pack comes in a single convenient decal sheet that features different patterns and shapes that get you going in no time. No bulky machines and special skills are needed. A beautiful nail treatment you can fit right inside your purse!
  • Quick and Easy Application: So effortless to put on! The Ardell Nail Addict Decal Pretty In Pink gives you a super nail game in just a few easy steps. First, paint 2 coats of nail lacquer on your nail and wait until complete. Get tweezers and take the preferred design off the decal sheet and position it carefully on your nail. Finish off with a topcoat seal. That’s it! You’re ready to go.