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Ardell Nail Addict Nails Think Pink

  • £8.00
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So adorable! Get all cute and loveable with the Nail Addict Think Pink false nail kit from Ardell. Features a glossy, eye-catching pink finish. Give your outfits a youthful kiss of baby soft color! Perfect to wear to your next Sunday brunch sesh or campus pep rally. Let’s go!

  • Soft Baby Pink Charm: Bright and rosy! Get baby pink softness with the Ardell Nail Addict Think Pink. A fine set of deliciously sweet light pink false nails with a fascinating almond silhouette. Features a gloss finish that catches the light and reflects gorgeous color with a loving shine!
  • Lavish Color: We’ve got it all! The Ardell Think Pink false nail pack is a part of the Nail Addict Solid Shades collection. Features timeless nail styles in trendy colors, flattering finishes, and beautiful nail shapes. Perfect for everyday wear at work or at play! Try on a Nail Addict Think Pink pack today and experience pretty nail magic!
  • All-in-One Convenience: Hey, settle down! No need to run around looking for tools just to get your nails ready for a busy day ahead! Each Ardell Nail Addict Think Pink pack comes complete with everything you need for flawless false nail application. You get 24 sweet pink custom nails, Ardell Nail Glue, a mini nail file, and a handy cuticle stick.
  • Easy To Use False Nails: We promise, you can do this! The Ardell Nail Addict Think Pink pack is the perfect choice for artificial nail beginners. So easy! First, clean your natural nails and give them a light buff. Apply a thin layer of glue then apply a matching artificial nail onto your natural nails. Press on with gentle consistent pressure for 10-15 seconds…and you’re done!