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Ardell Nail Addict Premium Nails Chrome Pink Foil

  • £10.00
Tax included.

Poppin’ pink! Get rosy adorable nail looks easily with the Ardell Nail Addict Chrome Pink Foil. You’ll fall in love with its unique charms with each nail giving you a different flavor of sexy! Imagine having these on when things get hot and heavy on the dance floor or when the fun part begins at your friend's bachelorette party. Have fun out there!

  • Fascinating Pink Charm: The perfect choice if you’re a freak for pink! You’re in for a treat with Ardell’s Nail Addict Chrome Pink set. Features an expertly curated selection of bold pink nail styles for serious pink lovers like you. This faux nail set includes grunge pink foil, rosy gold chrome, matte magenta, and pink champagne glitter nails. Sweet bubblegum pop nail looks that are perfect to give your outfits a more playful and fun vibe!
  • Modern Faux Nail Design: Never settle for anything less! The Ardell Chrome Pink Foil set is a part of the Nail Addict Premium collection. This series features breathtaking designs, complex patterns, and beautiful elegant finishes that take your nail game to a higher level.
  • Full Glam Nail Kit: Need great-looking nails real quick and don’t have the time for a nail salon visit? Work some pretty nail magic right where you are with the Ardell Nail Addict Premium Chrome Pink Foil. Each total nail package includes 24 Chrome Pink Foil nails, Ardell Professional Nail Glue, a mini nail file, and a handy cuticle stick.
  • Effortless Application: Get super gorgeous nail looks even if you’re a fake nail newbie! You don’t need special skills and tools with the Ardell Nail Addict Chrome Pink Foil kit. All you need to do is clean and gently buff your nails, apply a thin layer of glue, then press on your Chrome Pink Foils to your natural nails. Now you have smudge-free, flawlessly beautiful nails that are ready for a glam night in town! Worry-free wear for up to 1 and a half weeks.