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Ardell Nails Nail Addict False Nails Adhesive - Gel Glue 4g

  • £3.96
  • Apply your favourite false nails in seconds.
  • The glue has a fast bonding formulation and thick viscosity.
  • Helps even out ridges in the nail surface.
  • The glue can also help you apply tips for nail enhancements.
  • Repair chipping or breaking nails with the Ardell Nails Gel Glue.

Nail Addict False Nails Adhesive Gel Glue Application:

  1. Gently push back the cuticles.
  2. Clean and lightly buff the surface shine of the nail.
  3. Apply a layer of glue to the natural nail.
  4. Apply your chosen false nails.
  5. Hold firmly and wait to dry.
  6. And enjoy!