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Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System 110

  • £16.99
Tax included.

Ardell X-tended Wear 110 lashes is a new and innovative way to embrace the naturally seamless lash extension look.

The X-tended Wear lashes are long-lasting and focus on the natural enhancement of your eyes.  Achieving this look is easy, simply use the applicator to apply the lash segment underneath your natural lashes. This beautiful lash system eliminates hassle and lashes can get up to 6 days of wear, making the home application look like it is done by a professional.

  • Contains complete kit for lash application and removal.
  • Lashes can last for up to 6 days.
  • Creates a seamless and undetectable lash look.
  • Easy to apply and complete with adhesive and applicator.