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  • Artego Rain Dance Thermo Active Repair Fluid, 150ml

Artego Rain Dance Thermo Active Repair Fluid, 150ml

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The new improved Rain Dance Line is products based on natural and certified organic ingredients. Thanks to the improved formula, Rain Dance cosmetics deeply nourish your hair, help to close the hair cuticles and protect against high temperatures. Thermoactive fluid is an excellent proposition for women who need natural nutrition for hair. High concentrations of keratin and amino acids enable deep hair reconstruction. The product consists of: castor oil with nutritional and soothing properties, organic olive oil and Spanish artichoke oil, glycerine with moisturizing, nourishing and protecting against high temperature, sugar which is responsible for closure of the hair scales and glyoxylic acid - prevents frizzing hair. Natural composition and deep moisturizing of your hair - thanks to this, Rain Dance cosmetics will suit you right away. In addition, they have a very pleasant, slightly sweet fragrance that stays on the hair for a long time.


Thermo-Active Repair Fluid Rain Dance Artego - product features:

  • Professional thermoactive fluid
  • Deeply regenerates hair, making your hair thicker and more flexible.
  • Soothes and protects
  • Has a regenerating and closing effect on the scales
  • Glyoxylic acid prevents hair from getting frizzy
  • Natural composition and deep hydration
  • Certified organic oils: Tsubaki oil, argan oil and camellia oil and silk proteins
  • Capacity 150ml


Apply to washed, damp hair. Blow dry to evenly spread the product on the hair and massage into the entire length of the hair. Dry. Do not rinse. Then apply an intensively regenerating RAIN DANCE mask.