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Bleach London Toner Kit Copper

  • £10.00
Tax included.

Fiery ginger semi-permanent toner.

Copper Toner deposits warm tones into bleached strands to create a soft ginger finish or base for adding fiery Super Cool Colours on top.

Our gentle, ammonia-free Copper Toner works best on medium yellow bleached blonde hair (any type!).

It can also create a ginger hue on naturally light blondes. It's great to prep hair for fiery Super Cool Colours like Proper Copper and Tangerine Dream, or as a bronze finish all on its own.

The best way to check the colour your hair will go is with a strand test.

You must also do a skin sensitivity test before using it.


  • 1 x tube of colourant 40ml
  • 1 x bottle of developing lotion 80ml (7.5 vol | 2.25%)
  • 1 x sachet of Reincarnation Mask 15ml
  • 1 x pair of plastic gloves

One kit covers root regrowth and short hair.
If your hair's long, thick or it's your first time toning, you'll need at least two kits.