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Bleach London White Toner Kit - Semi-Permanent

  • £10.00
Tax included.
What it does

Banishes yellow, brassy tones from bleached blonde hair while depositing colour for an even white, platinum base. For those who can't get light enough!

Who it's for

Bleached, very light blonde hair.

What's included

Plastic gloves, colourant, developing lotion (7vol/2.1%) and Reincarnation Mask.

How much one kit covers

One kit is suitable for very short, cropped hair and roots up to 2.5cm long. For long roots or long hair you’ll need two kits. Add a third kit for long thick hair.


Toner is Stage 2 in the dyeing process. Apply to bleached hair to create an even base.

What you'll need:

How to prepare:

  • Read the instructions provided with the product.

  • Always do a Strand and Sensitivity Test.

How-to guides

Follow the bleach, tone and colour guides.

Next steps:

Step 3. Follow toner with your colour of choice.

How to recycle your packaging:

Cardboard box – widely accepted by council recycling services.


Developing lotion bottle – rinse bottle clean. Bottle and lid widely accepted by council recycling services.


Colourant tube – not widely accepted by council recycling services. Accepted through selected Terracycle programs (UK wide).


Reincarnation Mask sachet – not currently recycled.


Plastic gloves - not currently recycled