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Blessed Moon I'm Mute Lipstick

  • £12.25
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As the name suggests, the muted colors are really pretty!
Add a drop of low-saturation color to the rose-colored color.

This lipstick coats lips with matte, bold shades for a kissable look. Enriched with more than ten types of plant-based oils, it nourishes and moisturizes lips. Buttery texture offers smooth application and long-lasting wear. Available in two colors.


  • The I'm Mute lipstick series provides lips with a natural yet elegant look.


  • Formulated with more then 10 kinds of plant-based oil to nourish, moisturize, and comfort the lips.


  • The long-lasting, buttery-textured pigment goes on smoothly on your lips.

  • Gently spreads and feels soft after application
    In color is dark rose, Out color is beige 90% + orange 10%
    I didn't find a base lip I liked for a while, but I found it ㅜㅜ! Settled on this..🐶
    You can see why I put my soul into these two colors🤭
    It's pretty on its own, and the two color gradations are even prettier..!

    The packaging is so pretty that it is delicious to carry around👛


    2 variants:

    Color: #IN Warm tone apricot nude base color.

    Color: #OUT Warm tone deeper brick red point color.