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Blithe Inbetween Hydro Priming Cream for Make-up-ready Skin, 30ml

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  • Blithe’s Inbeween line was created to protect and flawlessly prep skin for make up. It enhances make up wear while instantly smoothing and evening skin tone and texture. Also, it presents different skin condition according to one’s make-up style by correcting, softening and brightening complexion
  • Cetyl Ethylhexanoate increases functional ingredient absorption rate and leaves skin surface and texture smooth and soft, by creating a moisture barrier
  • Enhances make up lasting-time without becoming dark, cakey or cracking
  • Skincare and makeup prep 2 in 1, supplying hydration and nutrients at once
  • Suitable for all skin types, No silicone added

BLITHE Inbetween Hydro Priming Cream

Elasticity + primer + hydration Hydro Priming Cream with 3 functions

  1. Firm and moisturized skin : A moisturizing and strongly-adhering base that tightly fills the skin's fine wrinkles to present a moisturized skin texture
  2. 1-STEP base for busy mornings : Moisture lock, skin base correction, and a moisturized makeup base all at once
  3. BETTER makeup coloration : Helps with presentation of makeup colors with the priming effect of a silicone-free component

60% Bifida Ferment Filtrate

Raw ingredients, vitamins and minerals used in high-quality essences and serums, Amino Acids that aids the revitalization of skin cells Rich hydration and nutrients and quick absorption with instant moisturizing effects

How to use

Before applying makeup, apply an appropriate amount of the product in the direction of the skin texture as if covering the whole face.

Tip : Apply the cream in the opposite direction of the skin texture on areas with large pores. This will smooth out and correct the skin texture.

Recommended for these individuals!

  • Individuals who want improved skin elasticity and facial curves
  • Individuals who want a moisturizing primer
  • Individuals who want simple and quick, makeup-exclusive skincare
  • Individuals who are concerned about skin that becomes dry quickly after applying makeup