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DuWop Reverse Time

  • £31.00
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DuWop cleverly combines two of our highly renowned products, Reverse Lipliner and Reverse Eyeliner, to create the ultimate dynamic duo, Reverse Time. It's the perfect kit to combat some of the makeup world's biggest problems - signs of aging, makeup smudging and smearing. The limited-edition Reverse Time set includes a full size version of DuWop's Reverse Lipliner and Reverse Eyeliner.

Reverse Lipliner and Reverse Eyeliner are colorless matte pencils that improve the texture and appearance of the skin by plumping the fine lines around the lips and eyes. The miracle ingredient in the pencils is Kombuchka™, a product that causes “lipofilling” — a reaction that restores volume to the skin in areas where fine lines appear. Other ingredients include pure macadamia oil and vitamin E, known for their softening and hydrating properties.