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Eylure Promag 10 Magnets Wispy No.11

  • £22.00
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Eylure is revolutionising false eyelashes with our latest innovation. The ProMagnetic felt tip eyeliner allows you to adhere your magnetic lashes without any difficulties (or need for glue).      
This technology is simple; apply the eyeliner to your eye as you would a normal felt tip eyeliner and once its dry apply your magnetic lash onto the liner and you’re done! 

This long lasting, smudge proof formula is easy to use and is safe for daily wears.

This kit includes the revolutionary ProMagnetic felt tip eyeliner and a pair Faux mink Wispy lash. These lashes contain 10 Magnets for maximum hold. 

Light weight and easy to remove, these lashes will last up to 15 wears!

Suitable for

Suitable for adult children 12 years and over

How to use

STEP 1: Apply 3 coats of liner across entire length of lash line STEP 2: Allow each layer to dry completely STEP 3: Apply lashes directly to liner and press to secure

Hazards and Cautions

CAUTION: In case of eye contact, wash out the eye thoroughly with plenty of clean water. If irritation or redness persists seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. Only use as directed. Do not share the use of magnetic lashes with others. Consult a physician if you have pre-existing eye conditions.