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FIT Skincare Keep-Thick with Oxy-FIT-10, 250ml

  • £70.00
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State-of-the-art hair and scalp treatment delivering thicker hair and a healthier scalp.

- Reduces hair loss and stimulates new growth 
- Thickens and strengthens hair 
- Improves scalp health

Active Ingredients 
Laminaria digitata – Thickens and stimulates new growth. 
Pelvetia canaliculata – Strengthens hair. 
Acetyl Tetrapeptide - 3 - Blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone) 
Collagen – Reduces hair loss. 
OXY-FIT-10 - Oxygen delivery system - Fuels skin cell regeneration.

Twist cap to unlock/lock. 
Gently massage 50p-sized amount into clean, damp hair. 
Use morning and night, before sleep and after workout, sport or shower.