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  • FIT Skincare Lip Serum - 5ml
  • FIT Skincare Lip Serum - 5ml

FIT Skincare Lip Serum - 5ml


Groundbreaking formulation that moisturises, protects and repairs lips.

- Delivers lasting hydration & locks in moisture 
- Taste and shine free 
- Repairs damaged dry lips and soothes inflammation 
- Creates a barrier against environmental aggressors (sun, wind, cold, heat)

Active Ingredients 
Marine extract - Sea algae - Delivers lasting hydration. 
Botanical extracts - Cassia angustifolia and Pisum sativum - Repairs & soothes damaged skin and delivers antibacterial protection. 
Vitamin C – Helps protect from sun damage & reduces irritation. 
Calendula extract – Anti inflammatory, soothes. 
OXY-FIT-10 – Fuels skin cell regeneration.

Apply sparingly as required.