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FIT Skincare Triple Body Pack

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Transform, repair and rejuvenate your skin with our range of luxury targeted body care products. Advanced formulations combined with cutting edge active ingredients that deliver visible results. From our acclaimed body sculpting treatment to blemish repair and muscle rub serum. We’ve got you covered.

The pack includes: 


FIT Pec & Ab Sculpt serum is an effective weapon in the fight for perfect pecs and six-pack abs. Designed to help lose the stubborn body fat that hides abdominal muscles, the serums ingenious mix of four different ingredients has a triple effect allowing pecs and abs to look more defined.

  • Firms, tightens and tones skin in the target area.
  • Suppress the formation and storage of fat.
  • Stimulates the breakdown of fat.

Active Ingredients 

  • Artichoke Leaf Extract – Stimulates the breakdown of fat and removal of stored fat cells.
  • Plant Fructans – Tighten and tone skin.
  • Caffeine and Glucose Concentrates - Reduce the target areas fat storage ability.

Twenty three test subjects, aged 23 – 50 with a BMI of 26, were asked to apply the serums active ingredients twice a day to their abdominal region for 8 weeks. Their abdominal volume was then measured on Day 0, Day 28 and Day 56.

The results were astonishing.

In seventy percent of the test subjects their measured abdomen volume was reduced by 0.7% after 28 days of use. Additionally after 56 days use, in seventy three percent of the test subjects, their abdomen volume was reduced by 1.1%. And continued use could result in a maximum reduction of abdomen volume of 9 % *

These results show how the unique formula of active ingredients in Pec & Ab Scuplt can lead to a significant reduction in the volume of the abdomen. This could mean major progress at the gym. This small addition to your your post work out grooming regime could take you and your gym body to the next level.

* (Up to 9 % after 8 weeks use.)