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ISEHAN- Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow [04 Natural Brown]

  • £16.99
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  • CREATES NATURALLY FLUFFY EYEBROWS THAT MATCH YOUR HAIR COLOR The liquid clings tightly to the eyebrows without coloring the skin. Select a color to match your hair color. 8 colors available.
  • FILM-TYPE EYEBROW MASCARA CREATES INTENSE COLOR ! A single quick application can produce great coloration, an additional coat for even more intense color without coloring the skin.
  • LONG-LASTING YET REMOVES EFFORTLESSLY WITH WARM WATER. Resistant to perspiration, water, oils, and rubbing, and prevents smudging for long hours. Easily removed with warm water and facial cleanser.
  • The Key To Removing Mascara: Wet the eyebrow with a cotton pad, soaked in warm water (104˚F / 40˚C), for a while. Remove by gently wiping away with a cotton pad.
  • CONTAINS PANTHENOL Panthenol, a water-soluble vitamin, enhances the skin’s elasticity and water retention ability.